Ohiolink thesis and dissertation

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Ohiolink thesis and dissertation

Abstract Researchers in the social sciences are often interested in explaining causal processes in which the effect of one variable is transmitted to another through one or more intervening or mediator variables. Statistical mediation analysis can be used by researchers to gain a better understanding of these causal processes.

The methods traditionally used to quantify and test a mediation process, or indirect effect, are not directly applicable when the data are nested hierarchically, which is common in educational, organizational, and behavioral sciences where students may be nested within classrooms, employees may be nested within companies, or repeated measurements may be nested within individuals.

Multilevel modeling MLM is a method for analyzing hierarchical data that allows for the simultaneous estimation of the effects of variables at multiple levels of the hierarchy. As such, several researchers have proposed methods for testing mediation using MLM. A majority of these methods have focused on models in which the independent variable is a level-2 variable, the mediator is either a level-2 or a level-1 variable, and the dependent variable is a level-1 variable.

The aim of this thesis is to address and mitigate some of these shortcomings, as well as provide advancements in the formulation and testing of a number of interesting effects that can be modeled using MLM. The major contributions include demonstrating how to simultaneously estimate between-group and within-group indirect effects using traditional MLM software.

A test for the difference between within-group and between-group indirect effects is also conceptualized and explained. Further, the model is expanded to include multiple mediators with either fixed or random slopes.

Ohiolink thesis and dissertation

In the case where one or more paths for one indirect effect covary with one or more paths from another, the covariance between the random indirect effects is derived.

To demonstrate the methods discussed throughout this thesis, two real-world datasets are analyzed using MLmed, a free SPSS macro developed in conjunction with this thesis and designed specifically to fit multilevel mediation and moderated mediation models.Thesis included, the dedication should be brief and centered top to bottom and left to right on the page, single-spaced and it must comply with the margin requirements.

When a dedication dissertation included, the pagination sequence begins at this page with lower case roman numerals. mammography-related perceptions and intention (Unpublished doctoral dissertation).

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Ohiolink thesis and dissertation

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