Mse papers

The building includes at grade parking with a podium and stick-frame construction above with an acre of green space along the River.

Mse papers

Energy Materials and Devices I am interested to the energy conversion and energy storage. The energy conversion includes low-cost solar cells, such as polymer solar cells and dye-sensitized solar cells, and electrocatalysis.

I am also interested to develop high-performance materials for energy storage. My lab achieved the highest photovoltaic efficiencies for dye-sensitized solar cells with carbon nanotubes and graphene as the counter electrode.

Recently, we developed methods to directly deposit nanostructured metals on substrates through the chemical reduction of metal precursors.

Mse papers

Organic Electronic Materials and Devices Organic electronic devices, including light-emitting diodes, photovoltaic cells, and field-effect transistors, have many important applications are regarded as the next-generation electronic devices due to their low fabrication cost and high mechanical flexibility.

I am interested to the development of high-performance organic electronic materials and devices, including conducting polymers, conjugated polymers and organic molecules, photovoltaic cells and light-emitting diodes. We recently developed approaches to develop highly transparent and highly conductive polymer films.

The polymer films have transparency and conductivity like indium tin oxide ITOthe traditional transparent electrode material for optoelectronic devices.

PSS films with significantly enhanced conductivities induced by preferential solvation with cosolvents and their application in polymer photovoltaic cells, Journal of Materials Chemistry,21, Book Chapters Nishanth K.

Dimitrakis, Springer, to be published. Sze, American Scientific Publishers, ReynoldCRC Press,p MikolajickSpringer-Verlag,pIndustry Innovators.

Reinforced Earth has been the leading innovator in the Mechanically Stabilized Earth industry - right from the start. NMDC Limited has bagged the prestigious S&P Global PLATTS Global Metals Award in corporate social responsibility category held on at London Grosvenor Square Marriott Hotel, UK.

International Conference on Quality, Reliability, Risk, Maintenance, and Safety Engineering (QR2MSE ) is to bring together leading academics, industry practitioners, and research scientists from the world to advance the body of knowledge in materials, quality, reliability, maintenance, and safety of engineering systems, to establish and strengthen the link between academia and.

WP - Catalyst Role of Indian Railways in Empowering Economy: Freight or Passenger Segment is on the Fast Track of Expansion or Exploitation? International Photodynamic Association (IPA) The IPA was founded in with membership consisting of prominent international scientists, health care professionals, students, and fellows researching photodynamic therapy (PDT) and photodiagnosis (PD).

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