How to write a mini book review

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How to write a mini book review

how to write a mini book review

After this is complete, a final step in the mini-review is to take the content of pages and shrink that down to one paragraph that you place at the top as a summary of the whole review.

While it may take some time to put it together, the rewards are many as I will enumerate later on. The Why of a Mini-Review There are at least two major reasons for spending some time on this task: One is the ability to summarize an argument the other is the ability to synthesize various works into a cohesive narrative.

One entire chapter of your dissertation your literature review is essentially the concise summation and synthesis of dozens and dozens of works related to your topic.

We might even say that summarizing arguments is the work horse of your PhD program around which you create your original contribution. Benefits of Doing Mini-Reviews The benefits to doing this kind of leg work early on in your research, and as you work your way through the dissertation are many: This document often served as a springboard to many of our discussions and it gave my supervisor a quick glance into the scholarship related to my topic.

It is quite another to have a page summary of a work that you have labored to create. In the interim, my knowledge and maturity about my topic may have shifted, allowing a fresh re-reading of my mini-review. While gathering and collating sources is important, the key to a dissertation is output, and the only way of getting output is to slog your way through it.

Mini-reviews get you in the PhD mode. They get you thinking like someone in the academy. Endeavoring in such labor, however, pays off rich dividends in your personal knowledge and in the wealth of source material that will be available for different parts of your dissertation.A book review describes, analyzes and evaluates.

The review conveys an opinion, supporting it with evidence from the book. Do you know how to write a book review? Although the content on the mini-books are fine, the whole construction part of it was not.

how to write a mini book review

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How to Write a Book Review