An analysis of the quail

Abstract Background Endogenous peptides such as neuropeptides are involved in numerous biological processes in the fully developed brain but very little is known about their role in brain development. Japanese quail is a commonly used bird model for studying sexual dimorphic brain development, especially adult male copulatory behavior in relation to manipulations of the embryonic endocrine system.

An analysis of the quail

Share 15 Shares Quail farming is one of the most profitable business in the poultry wing of the agricultural sector. The business has a high return on investment withing a short period of time. This is a business which I am planning to start in few weeks time.

Quails are reared for their flesh and eggs, but the greater part of the profit is in the eggs produced. With good farm practice, a quail is capable of laying an egg daily. The average price of a quail egg is twenty naira N20and it sells quickly due to high demand. How To Start Poultry Farming in Nigeria Fertile-quail egg is considered to be much more nutritional than chicken egg and medical practitioners do recommend it for the treatment of many ailments such as high blood pressure, gastric ulcer, liver problems, asthma, anaemia, etc.

No wonder it is said to be a super food. You can produce fertile quail eggs in your farm by mixing your quails in a male to female ratio of 1: Quail farming is a business which is forecasted to soon take over chicken-poultry business in Nigeria. This is as a result of the high rate of returns and low cost of investment alongside little active labor or labor cost in rearing them compared to chicken farming.

Alongside an obligatory regular administration of drugs, a mature chicken consumes an average of grams of food daily, while a mature quail only consumes between 20 to 25grams of food per day plus little or no drugs. Quail egg has an average market price of N20 which is very close to that of chicken.

Quails take about five to six weeks to mature to point of lay compared to chicken that takes twenty to twenty four weeks. Cost of Starting Quail Farming in Nigeria With a start-up capital of N, and good marketing strategy, you can earn an average of N, monthly.

Follow me as I present the analysis to you below: I am using Kaduna state as a reference point. It should be noted that quails lay eggs for a minimum of eighteen months one and a half year.

Here are some important tips to follow if you hope to start well and be profitable in quail farming in Nigeria 1. Make sure the cage or room is secured from cats, snakes, rats and thieves 2. The cage or room should be well ventilated 3.

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Clean the cage or room regularly. This is because a dirty environment leads to reduced egg production or even disease outbreak 4. Give your quails clean water.

An analysis of the quail

Water should always be available as quails drink much water 5. Give your quails good quality food. The demand for fertile quail eggs is high.

A proper marketing strategy is what you need to sell your eggs quickly. You can start by informing friends and families of your products and asking them to tell others. Place posters around your area carrying information about the nutritional and health benefits of quail eggs, not forgetting to chip in your contact details.

You can also do same by printing and distributing leaflets. Wishing you the best in your quail farm business. Join other poultry farmers who have made our Poultry Farming eBook their companion towards starting their poultry farms and managing it effectively.

And the best part is that it contains complete Poultry Business Plan. Click Here to buy the poultry farming eBook Related Posts.Chicken, quail and Chicken-Quail hybrids were used as objects of study, in order to investigate the crossing incompatibility between Chicken-Quail in the level of chromosome.

Chromosome specimens are prepared by the peripheral blood lymphocyte cultivation, airing and embryonic, with karyotype, G .

An analysis of the quail

The stubble quail (Coturnix pectoralis) is a native Australian species which is the most common quail species in Australia. The species is not under any threat of extinction (IUCN Least Concern). [3]. Do eyeworms really affect quail numbers?

Here's an analysis from one corner of the quail range. A high-profile parasite has been the subject of much speculation lately related to the plight of northern bobwhites across the quail range. The California Quail is a handsome, round soccer ball of a bird with a rich gray breast, intricately scaled underparts, and a curious, forward-drooping head plume.

Its stiffly accented Chi-ca-go call is a common sound of the chaparral and other brushy areas of California and the Northwest. Cost and profit analysis of Quail Farming / Quail Farming Project Report / Economics of Quail Farming Quail Farm.

The estimation of a small farm with Quail birds as input every week is considered and the investment is calculated.

The output of the farm is considered to be Quails every week. The quail egg Quails’ eggs: a powerful weapon against allergies! Since time immemorial, quails’ eggs have been used for a variety of respiratory diseases, where the pharmacopoeia has been rather lacking.

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