An analysis of the principle of noh theatre

Of the five noh schools still active today, the Komparu School is the most traditional, though it has, interestingly, taken the progressive step of accepting women. The school evolved in the Yamato region present-day Nara during the 14th century, and Kinki is one of its most eminent performers. Kinki, wearing a Sankojo mask and a brown coat over a yellow kimono, initially takes the stage as an old man who leads a traveling priest played by a waki secondary actor to a withered willow tree growing on a mound, represented on stage by a bamboo structure covered in a dark-blue silk cloth and topped with willow branches and leaves.

An analysis of the principle of noh theatre

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An analysis of the principle of noh theatre

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The major systems and their literature

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An analysis of the principle of noh theatre

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Beliefs, doctrines, and practices

Noh is a system of performance that has been transmitted from master to disciple The ordering of segments within the scene agrees with the basic aesthetic principle underlying the noh, Introduction" in Noh as Performance: An Analysis of the Kuse Scene of Yamamba.

Zeami also formulated the principles of the Noh theatre that guided its performers for many centuries. His Kakyō (; “The Mirror of the Flower”) detailed the composition, the recitation, the mime and dance of the performers, and the staging principles of Noh.

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Principles of Drama and Movement in Noh Theatre is free to attend but places are limited. If you are interested in taking part, please send your CV and an expression of interest to [email protected] by Friday 18 May, 10am.

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